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Hi!  We are Mayapple Baby – a family company that was started in 2011 by two parents, Melissa Huang and Mark Caldeira, living in Brooklyn, NY.  We found inspiration (via frustration!) in our newborn daughter’s teething ordeal that year and created Mayapple Baby and its first teething toy line, Suri the Octopus™ and Friends teething toys.  In 2012, we established Roving Cove premium child safety products.




At Mayapple Baby and its associated brands, we create exciting, stylish products for your baby's wants and needs.  Safety, quality, usefulness and environmental responsibility are the four basic standards of every one of Mayapple Baby’s products, from initial design through finished product.





Safety is our first concern: Our products are designed with our own children in mind and are always created with non-toxic materials.  They are tested by a leading, independent laboratory and meet or exceed the ASTM F963 Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety, an international toy safety standard adopted by the U.S. through the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (CPSIA).  We try to go further than this and refuse to use certain materials in certain products that may not be as safe as initially claimed.




In addition to meeting our safety standards, our products are made under strict quality controls to make sure that they are created with a high standard of craftsmanship.  Scheduled and random inspections are done at several points along each product’s production and distribution chain to provide added quality assurance.  We realize that when you buy a Mayapple Baby product for your child you expect to receive premium quality materials and near flawless design.




Innovative and practical design is our goal:  We create each of our products with care because we are making them not only for you and your baby but for our own children as well.  At Mayapple Baby we enjoy making safe, effective and environmentally friendly products.  But what good are these products if you love them – but your child doesn’t?  We know that not every child will like every product made by every company.  But we design our products so that the real end-user – our children and your children – will want to use them.  That’s our job.


Environmental Responsibility


Mayapple Baby brands are committed to reducing our environmental footprint.  We source environmentally responsible material whenever possible for our products and packaging.  We are dedicated to the use of non-toxic, recycled, recyclable and biodegradable materials in our products and packaging to help reduce landfill burden and our overall environmental footprint.  We pledge to do our best to adhere to these principals, given the restraints of the global marketplace.

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