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Now, For A Wheely Good Time!

Thursday, July 25, 2013
Nobody, I mean nobody, accuses The Wheel of being a Northeastern liberal elitist circular steering device (even though he lives in New York, went to Harvard and voted Democratic in four of the last five presidential elections.... and is a circular steering device).  He wants you to know he's just a working class wheel.

By day, he’s a diligent teether.  He’s the go-to guy when those little whites start popping through babies’ sore gums.  But at night – he’s got a second job to help pay off those student loans – The Wheel grabs the reigns of a tractor, or bulldozer, or front-end loader, or whatever that thing is, and moves earth, wind and fire.  And also twigs, as you can see.   

The Wheel Driving (toy vehicle not included) Click for a high res photo and zoom in!

One thing is certain: The Wheel likes to have fun, and loves to drive (ok, that’s two things).  Most times he plays within his domain, driving a boat, a ship, or a barge.  Sometimes he gets a little adventurous and drives a car or a truck.  Once, he tried to fly an airplane.  We had to inform him that airplanes don’t have steering wheels.  Use your imagination!, he instructed us.   

That’s a great idea, we thought.  Use your imagination. 

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