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The Anchor's Aweigh Playing Somewhere

Monday, July 22, 2013

We know The Anchor is great at role playing, but we can't figure out if he is just pretending to be an over-sized anchor or if he thinks he's the real captain of this seaworthy vessel.  One thing we do know: He was so excited to board that he forgot to actually launch the boat!  We didn't tell him that though.

Look at all the fun he's having navigating through the geraniums!  Watch out for that petunia!  Taking a much-needed break from babies' teething mouths and heading out on the sea gives The Anchor time to reset and re-energize!  He sure is having a swell time!   

The Anchor's Aweigh!

The neighborhood kids who saw him couldn't believe that a teether could have so much fun and were like, omg, is that really just a teether?, and we were like, yeah, actually it's a teething toy, and they were like, no weigh! And we were like, weigh! and then we all were just like lmfao!   

If you're like us, you'll be like, "We want moor!"  Pick up your set of Suri the Octopus and Friends teething toys now!   

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