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How to Install and Remove Furniture Guards

Friday, August 16, 2013
You have a baby and you’ve bought foam childproofing guards to protect your little one from the sharp corners and edges around you home, and you’ve stuck them on…. but something just isn’t right.  Either the cushions don’t stick tight enough, or they stick too tightly and won’t come off when you’re done with them, or they stick just right but leave a gluey residue behind after you remove them. 

Finally, here are instructions on how to properly install and remove your corner cushions!


It’s all about quality

Most foam corner cushions are installed with double-sided tape: one side sticks to the cushions and the other side sticks to the object in your home.  It is important that the tape be high quality; if it is not, the tape will not be strong enough to secure tightly.  It’s also important that the cushions themselves be premium quality, or the tape won’t adhere properly to them, or worse –  they won’t provide enough protection to your little wandering baby.


It’s all about placement

Before your baby learns to stand, place the corner cushions or edge cushions on the top of the furniture corner or edge, with the protection area facing up.  You or your caregiver will most likely be holding your child during this time, so the danger will arise from your baby banging her/his head onto the corner or edge of the table from above.  Once your little one starts standing and then walking, place the corner cushions on the underside of the table, with the protection area facing down, like this:



TO INSTALL (Best for one-time use only):


Corner Cushions:

1. Dry wipe surface area of sharp corner;

2. Apply double-sided tape firmly to all four inner surfaces of corner cushion by aligning tape to cushion’s outer edges: short tape for either short surface, long tape for three other surfaces;

3. Remove tape backings and push cushion deeply and snugly into sharp corner;

4. Press all sides of cushion firmly for several seconds.





Edge Cushions (Do not stretch cushion):

1. Install corner cushions first, as instructed above;

2. Measure the distance of the exposed furniture edge between the two just-installed corner cushions; cut section of the edge cushion to fit; repeat as necessary for each side of the furniture

3. Dry wipe surface area of furniture edge;

4. Apply double-sided tape firmly to both inner surfaces of the edge cushion by aligning the tape to the cushion’s outer edges: start at one end and apply strips of tape to cover entire length of the edge cushion;

5. Remove the tape backings and push cushion deeply and snugly into furniture edge, starting at one end of the edge and working to the other (i.e., do not start applying edge guard to the table from the middle)

6. Press both sides of cushion firmly for several seconds along its complete length.



Wipe corner and edge cushion clean with a damp cloth.  You can use a little soap, but do not use it excessively, and do not use alcohol or other cleaners.  Keep cushion dry and oil free.  Do not allow cushion to absorb liquids or furniture underneath the cushion may become damaged.



Corner Cushions: Grab both ends of the corner cushion and slowly and gradually pull it off by working in towards the corner. 

Edge Cushions: Grab one end of the edge cushion and slowly and gradually pull it off by working towards the other end.

If glue residue remains on the wood surface, use your finger tip to rub a few drops of vegetable oil, such as olive oil, onto the wood and work in circles until glue comes loose; use a paper towel to remove any remaining tape or glue.  You may have to repeat this a few times.  For surfaces other than wood, you could try using rubbing alcohol (first check the guidelines of that particular surface). We do not recommend using alcohol on wood surfaces.


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