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Roving Cove Safe Edge Cushions Are Here!

Monday, October 07, 2013

Roving Cove is proud to announce that it launched a new premium safety product, Safe Edge and Corner Cushion, in a 15-foot value pack in coffee brown.


The contents of the pack –  a 15-foot edge guard that can be cut to fit, plus 4 corner guards – actually covers 16.5 feet of surface area (197.6 in or 502 cm), making it the product with the most surface area coverage on the market: 3 feet or more than the next leading brand's similar product.

Childproofing / Office Safety / Elderly Care

Corner and edge protectors have been used in childproofing for some time.  It's impossible to calculate how many bumps and bruises they've prevented on babies, toddlers and children's bodies.  But corner and edge protectors are not just for childproofing any more; they are also used in offices and other commercial settings to minimize or prevent work-related injuries, and in assisted living facilities to soften the bumps and falls of the residents.  So whether you're at home with a playful child, at work with a caffeine-induced co-worker, or have an elderly family member at home or in an assisted living facility, edge and corner guards make a valuable addition to the indoor environment.

Not convinced you need corner cushions?  Read Childproofing 101: Why You Need Corner Cushions here.

Fits All Standard Table Sizes!

Most edge guard products on the market never seem to contain enough cushion for the whole table, so you need to purchase two packs to cover all the edges and corners.  Roving Cove is the first and only brand to provide a product that fits all standard table sizes.  It's 15-foot edge cushion is 3 feet more than the next longest product, and together with the 4 corner cushions included in the pack, covers a remarkable 16.5 feet (197.6 inches).

The contents of one pack covers:

  • Round tables up to 56" diameter
  • Square tables up to 44" square and,
  • Rectangle tables up to 36" x 60"

No other product on the market covers this amount of area.

Read How To Install and Remove Furniture Guards here.


Non-toxic and Flame-Resistant

All of Roving Cove's cushion products are certified free of toxic heavy metals.  They are also flame-resistant without the use of any added flame-retardant chemicals.  There is growing concern in the scientific community that flame-retardant chemicals are harmful not only to humans but to the environment as well.  That is why we took the lead and manufactured our Roving Cove furniture guards without the addition of any flame-retardant chemicals.

At Mayapple Baby and Roving Cove, we are proud of the fact that we are a leader in the movement away from toxic substances and the unnecessary use of toxic flame-retardants.

Foam Furniture Guards are NOT Teethers!

Roving Cove's Safe Edge and Corner Cushions, like all furniture edge and corner guards on the market, are child safety products designed to temporarily be installed, for example, on sharp edges and corners in the home to help protect children from injury; however, they are not toys and they are not teethers.  We strongly advise parents and caregivers to observe the warning on our packaging and make sure that their children do not use our cushions, or other companies' cushions, or, in fact, any other unintended object, as a toy or teether.

Read the product description of Roving Cove Safe Corner Cushions here.

Roving Cove Safe Edge and Corner Cushion Value Pack - The Most Bang for the Buck!

Simply put, Roving Cove's pack is the least expensive edge and corner guard product on the market.  At current prices, Roving Cove's pack costs you $1.21 per foot of cushion, far lower than all leading brands with similar products.

Put another way, you could ask, "How much cushion does a dollar buy me?"  Your dollar goes farthest with Roving Cove's Safe Edge and Corner Cushion Value Pack, buying you 9.88 inches, again, far more than all other leading brands.


Roving Cove Safe Edge & Corner Cushion 15-foot Value Pack - Premium Childproofing Edge and Corner Guard.  Buy now on Amazon!

Let Your Child/Colleague/Elder Roam Safe!

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