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Safe Rail

Indoor Balcony and Stairway Safety Net

5 x 3 ft



Item #: 1401

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Safe Rail is a premium safety rail net, with mesh made with heavier-grade fabric that is resistant to pulls and tears, unlike other rail nets made of flimsy material.


Soft, see-through mesh allows maximum visibility through the net; effortlessly blends in with your home décor.  Indoor and Outdoor models are weatherproof.



No more strings! Finally, a rail net that installs on your balcony or stair banister with releasable cable ties, only from Roving Cove®.  Slip cable ties through the designated holes on the net and wrap them around the handrail, or through the strong mesh holes and directly around the banisters (balusters) or newel.  No more messy strings.



Use the cable tie mounts, exclusively from Roving Cove®, that stick to the floor or newel, as another option to secure your Safe Rail tightly and neatly.  No more screws.  Adjust your Safe Rail easily with the releasable cable ties.  Sides and bottom can be rolled back to customize length.



Wipe down with soap and sponge or simply remove Safe Rail and wash.



5 feet long x 3 feet high, pearl color (white), indoor Safe Rail.

Protect your loved ones from the dangers of open staircase and balcony banisters.  Safe Rail is designed to help prevent unwanted breaches of your rails by infants, toddlers, pets or toys and other items.


+ Premium safety rail net, made of heavy-grade fabric, for a strong hold and neat look


+ No more strings!  Use Roving Cove®'s exclusive cable ties (and cable tie mounts) to secure Safe Rail to your banisters


+ Customize Safe Rail by rolling back sides and bottom to fit desired length; join two or more Safe Rails to cover larger area


Please follow the detailed installation instructions; contact us if you have any questions.


Pack Includes:

A. 1 indoor, pearl (white) mesh net 5ft x 3ft, with 26 designated holes

B. 30 releasable cable ties

C. 13 cable tie mounts with 3M extra-strong adhesive. (Do not use cable tie mounts on weak or easily removed finish.)


Mayapple Baby® Guarantee

We guarantee your complete satisfaction.  Contact us if you have any issues and we will immediately do our best to resolve them.  If we can't, we will fully refund your purchase.


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